Affordable SEO

Are you easy to find? Want to appear number one on the search engines? Our SEO services improve your position and you put on the first pages of Google, Yahoo, MSN, Bing, Ask and many others.
We offer various SEO services, give more notoriety to your website and more exposure to your project.
We guarantee the visibility of your site by thousands of people, you will eventually be positioned on the first page of search engines.

All our services drastically following the best practices in the field of SEO. The work starts with website analysis, auditing of keywords, the menu tree, the URL rewiting, editorial content, the site plan and finally can start submitting to search engines. The process is long and tedious, additional tools may be interesting as site promotion on social networks etc.

Improving the visibility of a website in the results of search engines involves many tedious tasks. The team of SEO ensures ADIFCO such missions with success for 16 years. Indeed, we can assist you in all your e-marketing actions to help you acquire new visitors and potential customers.

SEO remains the audience vector which provides the best return on investment. Our experts carry out a diagnostic of your activity on Google, Bing and other engines, and they define the steps that can help you gain visibility on these platforms over time. They do not just increase your traffic, they work to position yourself on the most important applications for your industry. This is essential to advance significantly your conversion rates and improve your sales.

Our key areas of expertise

SEO ecommerce
You worked rigorously all aspects of your e-commerce site but sales slow to take off? Call on the expertise of our SEOs. We control all the specifics of Magento, PrestaShop and other online shops modules. We have the expertise to determine the blocking factors in SEO and we can issue ergonomic recommendations for improving the user experience on your site.

local SEO
Looking to increase your influence on the local or regional level? You make most of your sales near your business and you would like to broaden this scope?
ADIFCO SEO is leader in the management of local SEO campaigns. We use all the tools necessary to maximize your presence in the catchment area of your choice.
According to a survey of BIA / Kisley, more than 9 out of 10 consumers are using the web for local searches for products or services, you have to adapt to this widespread phenomenon and seize the enormous potential of this type of lever .

video SEO
Also enter the opportunities presented by the popular platforms like video sharing Vimeo, Dailymotion and Youtube! The democratization of tablets and the increasing number of smartphones with larger screens favored online video growth. Our teams support you in producing this type of content and optimization.
The VSEO allows you to stand out significantly from your competitors and helps to mark the minds of your prospects.

Finally, we are available to assist you in managing your image on the canvas. You may occasionally be attacked by your competitors or be denigrated by users in different chat rooms (blog comments, social networks, forums …). Our experts in online reputation are the solutions to these problems and determine the best way to communicate on your products or services.
According to a study by We Are Social Singapore, 68% of Internet users are active on social networks. We propose to accompany your presence on Google+, Twitter or Facebook to help increase your influence in your industry on the Web.

Campaign PPC: Google Adwords
Moreover, the establishment of Adwords campaigns can improve your conversion rate. Indeed, this method is often additional shares in SEO. Our employees help you in particular in the selection of the most profitable keywords for your business. We are also able to take your PPC campaigns already activated, in order to reposition them. This lever represents significant investment, particularly on the most competitive sectors, which is why it is essential to entrust its management to the experts.