Top 10 dating apps on Android: to flirt on mobile

You are single and you have set a goal of no longer be at the end of the summer … we offer some ways to learn how to flirt from your Android mobile.


What apps for which meetings?

Depending on your style, your age and what you really want (love or adventure of a night), there is something for everyone! All apps are free, but many of them offer to pay for certain services. To help you get started on mobile, we’ve put together a selection of apps for dating.


Meet people close to home with the trendy youth social network: Tinder ( After registering via Facebook, photos of singles will be sent to you. It’s up to you to say whether you like it or not. Once affinities are created, you will be able to converse with the chosen people to try to know a little more about your favorites.  Continue reading

Mobile APP Marketing : 5 tips to retain mobile app users

Quettra recently released a mobile marketing study that points to a significant problem facing many mobile applications: low user retention. The rankings of the most popular Android apps suggest that there is a relationship between the popularity of the app and its retention rate. Applications in the top 10, that is, the ones that generate the most downloads, retain more users. On the other hand, the least popular apps, those in the Next 5000 category (see chart), keep barely 13.62% of its users.  Continue reading