Can we really meet real friends with dating apps?


The dating market seems saturated. Now many apps promise to make online dating real people in real life (IRL). But is it credible?

After the love without appointment, they promise you now, immediately the friend for life. Forgot Meetic, Happn, 3nder, Grindr or Once. Now put the apps that promise you to meet online a friendship in real life (opposed to your hundreds or thousands of virtual friends on Facebook or Twitter. Meetup occupies this niche since 2002 and has more than 20 million members in 180 countries. The app offers to meet people and share experiences around a wide range of interests: yoga classes, hikes or exhibitions in art galleries. In short, there’s something for everyone. This market of friendly encounters developed primarily in the United States, like that of the dating before him.

3nder App ( Feeld)

Since its inception in 2014 the 3nder app has been a firm believer in relationship fluidity and sexual discovery, making it its mission to bring like minded millennials together.  Continue reading

Top 10 dating apps on Android: to flirt on mobile

You are single and you have set a goal of no longer be at the end of the summer … we offer some ways to learn how to flirt from your Android mobile.


What apps for which meetings?

Depending on your style, your age and what you really want (love or adventure of a night), there is something for everyone! All apps are free, but many of them offer to pay for certain services. To help you get started on mobile, we’ve put together a selection of apps for dating.


Meet people close to home with the trendy youth social network: Tinder ( After registering via Facebook, photos of singles will be sent to you. It’s up to you to say whether you like it or not. Once affinities are created, you will be able to converse with the chosen people to try to know a little more about your favorites.  Continue reading