DoubleList Adult Personals Ads for Singles or Couples (alternatives)

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DoubleList inaugurates a new category, that of porn actress escorts. We have seen, with our article on Escorts, that it is a market that works and DoubleList logically wants to take advantage of it. But for the moment we hardly see on the site that Sandra Romain as actress X a little known. If you want to meet an escort we will refer you to Escort, a reference site on this market.
Our opinion on DoubleList

DoubleList ( is an escort girl ad site as there are many. Free and present throughout France it has undeniable assets. However, he is a little behind technically and his attendance is currently too low for us to have interesting reviews on girls posting their ads.

Jacquie et michel contact

Jacquie et michel contact ( is the dating site of the famous porn site JacquieEtMichel. Launched in recent years, this hookup site has quickly made its way into the world of naughty online dating. The little extra: some porn actresses are registered on the site. So “we say thank you who? Thank you Jacquie and Michel! “.


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