Can we really meet real friends with dating apps?


The dating market seems saturated. Now many apps promise to make online dating real people in real life (IRL). But is it credible?

After the love without appointment, they promise you now, immediately the friend for life. Forgot Meetic, Happn, 3nder, Grindr or Once. Now put the apps that promise you to meet online a friendship in real life (opposed to your hundreds or thousands of virtual friends on Facebook or Twitter. Meetup occupies this niche since 2002 and has more than 20 million members in 180 countries. The app offers to meet people and share experiences around a wide range of interests: yoga classes, hikes or exhibitions in art galleries. In short, there’s something for everyone. This market of friendly encounters developed primarily in the United States, like that of the dating before him.

3nder App ( Feeld)

Since its inception in 2014 the 3nder app has been a firm believer in relationship fluidity and sexual discovery, making it its mission to bring like minded millennials together.

3nder is the Tinder for threesomes, and curious couples and adventurous singles are really diving into the new app.

Badoo – Instant Hangout App

Badoo app created in November 2015 on iOS and Android, available in 12 languages. “I arrived a few years ago in Los Angeles in a city I did not know and I wanted to recreate a social environment.There were 2 main possibilities: social networks where basically people believe that their life is the coolest and the friendliest when they are actually home alone watching Game of Thrones or the dating apps, which allows pretty girls to eat and drink to the eye and leave a lot Too much hope for the boys, so it was complicated. ”

He then feels the need to create his app of friendly meetings “to desexualize the meeting.You can have lunch, go surfing, or have a drink.It took all the codes of real life to recreate the atmosphere of a virtual café “. On his app, 430 profiles are displayed geolocated (with his techno Galaxy) and discussions are valid between potential friends for 24 hours to promote physical meetings. It is possible to talk to everyone and if an exchange occurs, the exchange of photo or video opens for the two “friends”.

The founder of Badoo sees things for the next part of his development wishing to develop using virtual reality with a circular interface. The app has been downloaded hundreds of thousands of times and claims to have an above average retention rate. The start-up has so far raised $ 500,000 in 2015.

A way to reduce loneliness?

Many initiatives are multiplying in this market: Smeeters Pop who proposes to gather groups of friends together (3 + 3 or 2 + 2) to a multitude of others through Wealcome who intends to facilitate quickly the organization of restaurants, billiards or foots between new friends. The idea of ​​Wealcome “comes from a personal need,” says its founder Michaël Azerard, “I was alone at home on Facebook and I told myself that I had no opportunity to meet people in real life”. He built this app by himself by coding himself and is now suffering from stiff competition in this market but still growing in his chances of development.

These apps of friendly meetings in real could eventually remain a viable solution to put an end to the progression of loneliness in France. According to a study by the Fondation de France in 2014, one in eight French people is alone. The phenomenon affects 5 million people, one million more than in 2010. These people declare that they do not have social relations within the five networks of sociability (family, professional, friendly, affinity or neighborhood). Nearly one in three French people has only one network (family, professional or friendly).