Dating sites for gay men looking for casual relationships

today it is possible to meet love on a dating site, and there are more and more people who testify to their story started on the web. Between 7 and 9% of singles have found love on a dating site. This figure keeps increasing every year.
Gay / lesbian & LGBTQ dating site: for seriousness or a night out?

As with all dating sites, there is everything on the web. So you will find sites or applications with people who have only one goal: to find a partner for a night. But there are also serious sites for a true love story.


As you may have understood, we are more in the register of one-night meetings than the serious relationship on FabGuys but if that is what you are looking for, you will find on the portal all the tools for making meetings quickly. As in all sites targeting the homosexual community, the webcam chat function is highlighted. FabGuys is a subsidiary of FabGuys which probably explains its fairly large community for the sector. As far as rates are concerned, we are in the middle of the competition with several types of subscriptions which all revolve around 30 euros per month.


BiAustralia has more than 2.5 million visitors per month and more than one million active members. Its particularity is to offer a forum where its members can exchange on any subject but also an agenda with events for those who wish to meet. For the rest, you will find your happiness here, whether you are looking for love or a simple sex plan, thanks to the huge community of users who trust Meetic Gay. And bonus, you can try registering for free on the site, so don’t wait!


EasyGayChat A dating site accessible everywhere. Access all the services offered from your computer, tablet or mobile thanks to an intuitive interface. You will not miss any opportunity to meet! Meet new people to find love, make friends, or simply make new friends. All this in just a few clicks. Sharing and exchanging with people with the same interests as you has never been easier with the various discussion forums.

Collar Space:

Fetish and domineering practices are not very widespread and it is not always easy to find your sexual partner in everyday life. If you want to be initiated or if you are already confirmed in this universe, the sweet pleasure of pain and submission / domination excites you … By subscribing, you will discover our BDSM ads and you will be able to meet members (men and women SM) in your area. Our profiles are verified by CollarSpace moderation team and guarantee you discretion and anonymity. On CollarSpace you will be able to assume your humiliation practices and find your partner for an overnight relationship or for an ongoing relationship.