Omegle The Most Controversial Webcam Chat Site

A site allows to have conversations with complete strangers from all over the world, in total anonymity. Drifts are necessarily possible … and desirable.

Imagine a website that allows you to converse with complete strangers. Okay, any instant messaging service allows you to do this, from the moment you came into contact, via its email address, with a contact. The risks of talking to unknown tricksters on the web were also at the heart of the brilliant European communication campaign.

The Omegle site,  allows dialogue directly, without registration requested, with an unknown total. In 20 minutes, the author of these lines has conversed with Internet users Canadian, English, American, Singaporean, Swiss and many others. It is therefore essential to speak English to have a minimum chance to express yourself. For now, the maximum number of users connected simultaneously does not seem to exceed 1500, but an upcoming increase in attendance is more than likely.

Omegle was created by a certain Leif K-Brooks, who describes himself as an 18-year-old American high school student residing in Brattleboro, Vermont. Mocking, the Gawker website finds this quite consistent: “If you’ve been to Brattleboro before, it’s easy for you to imagine how a smart teen could quickly miss interesting people to talk to.” The Flickr account of high school student suggests that entertainment is rare in Vermont, our Norman Bates high school student with a taste for photography of dead animals.

Obviously, with the anonymity allowed by the thing (no pseudo to enter, you are only a stranger for the other), strange conversations and slippages are common. Here are some florilèges, which we will try to categorize carefully.

We understand then that main interest, the ultimate symbol of a globalized outrageous disinhibition, lies in this kind of exchange, generally called “what the fuck” by our Anglo-Saxon friends, allowed by anonymity and character. random trolling “encounters”. Alas, its creator seems to intend to police the thing! “Trolls are currently Omegle’s biggest problem. Unfortunately, a percentage of users, rather than trying to have interesting conversations, like to harass others with their vulgarity, spam, and so on. I take it very seriously, and work on methods to control it as much as possible. ” But no, especially not!