The Future of the Mobile App Economy

Mobile applications have certainly taken longer to settle in our daily lives than experts thought, but today, we can not deny that they are already very present in our lives. And it’s only just started !

To each his mobile application …

Phone calls and sending messages are the main functions of any mobile phone, but thanks to mobile apps it is possible to enjoy them for free. In addition, the apps make it possible to make purchases, to make bank transfers, to see the state of the road traffic … The new generation of mobile telephones offers a lot of possibilities for all the social groups and all the sectors of activity. Who has never thought of creating an application?

Every difficulty, every lack, every identified need can be turned into a good mobile app idea.

According to a study by the digital marketing agency Tecmark, smartphones have become the most used gadgets in our daily lives. Every person looks at his smartphone an average of 221 times a day! In addition, the number of smartphone users is growing rapidly. While there was only one billion in 2012, this figure has already almost doubled, and according to Statista, the world will have 2 billion smartphone users in 2016. The use of smartphones is becoming increasingly popular. plus, giving everyone easy access to technologies that only a few years ago were known only to scientists. Take the example of augmented reality applications. With the Aurasma app, for example, you just have to switch your smartphone in front of a movie poster to launch its trailer. Google Translate, in turn, translates “live” signups, ads and billboards that you view with your smartphone. And finally, the iOnRoad app is a kind of driving assistant. It uses the camera of the mobile phone to detect the respect of the safety distances. Placed on the windshield, it alerts the motorist when he gets too close to the car in front of him.

Mobile apps turn our mobile phones into true wizards available for free at any time. Who would not be tempted by this comfort? It’s no wonder that the mobile application market, which was struggling to take off early, is now booming. Many visionary entrepreneurs have already benefited. Who has not heard of Uber? From Snapchat? From WhatsApp? In this market, which is certainly very competitive, there is always room for innovative ideas. A mobile application of instant messaging or e-commerce, an app serving the collaborative economy or a video game. Everything is possible. What is your mobile app idea?