Top 10 dating apps on Android: to flirt on mobile

You are single and you have set a goal of no longer be at the end of the summer … we offer some ways to learn how to flirt from your Android mobile.


What apps for which meetings?

Depending on your style, your age and what you really want (love or adventure of a night), there is something for everyone! All apps are free, but many of them offer to pay for certain services. To help you get started on mobile, we’ve put together a selection of apps for dating.


Meet people close to home with the trendy youth social network: Tinder ( After registering via Facebook, photos of singles will be sent to you. It’s up to you to say whether you like it or not. Once affinities are created, you will be able to converse with the chosen people to try to know a little more about your favorites.


This dating site has an excellent app that includes all the basic features to search for a soul mate, but also offers a very efficient geolocation service to find other members nearby and interact with them via mobile phones. If you want your passions or interests, it’s also possible.


Blendr is the straight equivalent of Grindr … well … equivalent is a big word. When Grindr is openly sexual and aims to help you find plans for an evening (or afternoon), Grindr is more hypocritical and used to “find friends”.


Happn is the competitor made in France of the very famous (and therefore widely used) Tinder. Happn focuses on geolocation and makes the proximity meeting his hobbyhorse. The app refuses to present profiles to you tens of kilometers from your home. Happn only displays the profiles that you have potentially crossed, in the street or in the evening …


Qeep is a social network for people looking for love on their phone. The latter stands out by proposing original ways to get to know each other. Games, photoblogs filled with his most beautiful shots and of course … the inevitable chat service. The community is gradually being built, it is up to you to join it to discover, perhaps, love.


Grind connects gays and bisexuals. Thanks to the geolocation service of the application, the user will be able to meet people looking for the same experiences as him. More than 1 million guys are using the app … why not you?


The goal of SayHi is to make you meet love while making you move as little as possible. This is a dating service based on geolocation. It will seduce the shy as the most enterprising. Based on the exchange, it puts the users of the network in contact. They can send themselves text messages, voice messages …


An app “social network” popular with 20-35 years and who claims its orientation “flirt”. Meet people according to your preferences and their proximity thanks to geolocation, chat, get news from users near you, explore profiles and photos, etc.


Online dating service really well thought around live chat function between members geographically close. Free service … but in English. Very popular in the Anglo-Saxon countries, it is still necessary that the number of French members increases.


Among the multitude of dating applications now available on Android, Lovoo brings a touch of originality by including geolocation in profile matches. The principle is simple, create your profile and choose the radius in which you want to meet people. If another user whose profile matches your criteria is in the app.

Why choose mobile dating apps.

The meeting “mobile” is a real hunting ground for singles connected. The big advantage: you do not have to be screwed in front of your computer to chat with strangers, meetings can be done at any time, on the street, on public transport, at the beach or in your supermarket! Do not forget that a smartphone has a function that dating application editors have been able to use perfectly: geolocation! Hmm, a person whose profile matches my search is in the same bus as me? Hop, a little discreet message. Ho, “Natasha, 23 years old, model, looking for her Tarzan” is within a radius of 200 meters? Quick, let’s try to find her before she disappears into the urban jungle. A sushi plan and more if affinities in my neighborhood restaurant?! No time to lose: I signal my presence, I send my profile and cross fingers to be part of the guests!

Mobile dating: Fun or dangerous?

The mobile meeting is fun and fun, very direct finally (the idea is to meet people “in real life” very quickly) … and therefore also a little dangerous. This odd-looking stranger who looks in my direction with bulging eyes and drooling lips, he would not be registered on the same service as me ?? I should never have said that I was looking for adventure and the unexpected around the corner on my profile! Oops, I disconnect the app …